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Astar's lotions & potions: Gardner's hand creme

The Perfect Gardener’s Hand Crème


I have received complaints from several thousand viewers about the condition of the skin on my hands…


To prove that I can be trusted to look after them a little better than I currently do, and as evidence to you all, here is the best hand cream for hard working hands like my own.


It’s fantastic stuff; all you need to do is remember to use it!


Here is the list to make the basic hand cream base:

25g beeswax

50g cocoa butter

125ml almond oil

90ml glycerin

You can also add essential oils, along with aloe vera gel, avocado oil, vitamin E oil etc.

A jar to store cream



Method – using a double boiler or glass bowl over a pot of boiling water:

Melt beeswax, cocoa butter and almond oil. 

When melted remove from heat and add glycerin…

Pour into a jar and store away from heat.