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Astar's Crafts: Home Remedies - stain removal techniques

Home remedies - stain removal techniques

Note - all stains should be treated as quickly as possible.
Baking soda
is a wonderful stain remover and can be used on most clothing and carpet.
Note - check for colourfastness before you start.
Simply make up a paste and gently rub into stain. Leave for 30 minutes and reapply if necessary. Some stains may need to be left over night.

Pen marks on vinyl and leather can be removed with hairspray&
Just spray and wipe away. Clean up excess hair spray with a damp cloth.

Spilled nail polish can be removed by gently blotting up excess, then blot area with polish remover until polish has gone. Wash with warm soapy water.

Candle wax on hard surfaces can be removed using a soft scraper.
Then use a hot cloth to soften and remove.

On fabric or carpet - gently break away as much of wax as possible then cover with plain newsprint paper and iron away. Change the paper as often as required until it's all gone.

Grease and fat can be removed using the same method but make sure the hot iron does not touch the stain as it cold melt or burn the fabric. Use extra thickness of cloth and continue heating and blotting the area until all residue is removed.

To remove car grease from any material, cotton, nylon, silk and wool, place a cloth under the stain and smear on butter. Leave for a good hour, and then wash in lukewarm soapy water.

Perspiration stains on clothing, rub area with white vinegar, then soak clothing in a paste solution of 3 crushed aspirins and the same quantity of cream of tartar for 30 minutes before washing.