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Astar's Craft: Yo-Yo making

Craft with Astar

Things to gather

From Spotlight you will need to purchase a 'Clover' quick yo-yo maker.

From Spotlight in the quilting section you can buy what are called 'flat fats bundles' which are small cuts of tone on tone mixed patterned fabric. Select a colour and pattern that you like. One bundle will be more than sufficient.


Linen thread to match fabric
Fine narrow ribbon to match or contrast with selected fabric
Big eyed sharp needle + pins
Sharp fabric scissors
Plain unprinted white singlet top to fit
From spotlight you can also purchase small packs containing vintage and pretty little buttons to further enhance front of puff yo-yo rosettes.


Full instructions on how to make the yo-yos can be found inside the yo-yo maker, BUT&. If you are anything like me, they are just a wee bit confusing when you first start out, so here is my quick and easy version.

The yo-yo maker kit contains a plastic plate and disk. On the plate you will see at regular intervals around the edges raised dots. On the disk you will see raised lines. The raised dots and lines must at all times match. If they don't then you can't thread the needle and thread down and through holes on plate.

Place plate behind fabric - with wrong side facing you.

Push the disk down on top of fabric ensuring as indicated that dots and lines on both plate and disk match. You might need to fiddle around a few times to get it matching.

Push the disk firmly down into plate.

Cut material leaving a good 1/2 cm surplus around yo-yo maker.

Cut linen thread to about 30cm then thread needle.

Turn yo-yo maker over so that plate or smooth side is facing you. Through wee hole on face you will see right side of fabric facing you. You will also see half rounds and 2 holes in each half round.

NOTE: from this point on keep surplus fabric pushed towards middle section of disk.  

Push the needle from the disk or underneath side up though the right of one hole, then down the other hole. Repeat up and down until you reach the start.

Now push down on the empty central circle to eject bottom disk.

Gently remove stitched fabric from disk.  Pull to gather to form a puffed circle.  Stitch down and up to make firm and stop from ungathering.

Cut a small piece of ribbon then stitch into the centre of the gathered centre of yo-yo.  Fix by stitching a button of your fancy on top of above.

Repeat until you have sufficient yo-yo to fix to decorate neckline of singlet top.


Now that weve got the kid's happily working away on yo-yo's here's a great way to embellish an adults cardigan or top &

Things to gather:

Inexpensive cardigan look in Chinese Emporium shops as found in lots of malls all over the country or Plain top or jacket to embellish/decorate
Fabric of your choice to make yo-yos
Matching thread, wide eye needle
Sharp scissors
Embellishing vintage buttons or little sparkly jewels/gems


Follow manufacturer's instructions or mine in segment one, on how to make sufficient yo-yo to surround neckline of jersey or top

Embellish each yo-yo with a vintage button, jewels or gems.

Pin in place around neckline, and then hand stitch into place.