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Astar's Craft: Winter Green

Winter greens floral arrangement…

Even though its winter and most flowers have disappeared from the garden, there are still lots of interesting textural foliages suitable to create wonderful displays.

I’m using artificial forms because this will give me a permanent base to which I can incorporate fresh flowers as desired. 

I call this my cheats’ approach to floral arranging, and to be perfectly honest, the foliages are so good these days, that it isn’t until you touch them that you discover they are fake!

Fantastic for busy people…

Things to gather 

Black footed classic urn or similar

Green floral foam – soaked in water

Selection of either fresh or artificial bushy type foliage

Go for ivy, arealia leaves, shiny camellia leaves on stems, along with small monsteria leaves, spider plant etc

+ for additional textural interest apples and satay sticks to  position apples…


Insert foam into container.

Divide foam into 4 equal sections.

Into each of these sections insert each variety of foliage selected.

Once completed pop apples or pears down amongst the foliage.

Once the base foliage has been established, I usually insert the odd fresh flower as I find them.

Actually the Engineer does our shopping and most weeks he will bring me home a bunch of supermarket flowers!

I find that they last much longer in this type of design as opposed to being placed in a vase and water.

Generally as a rule, the shorter the stem of the flower the longer it will last.

Spotlight has a wonderful selection of artificial leaves, foliage and plants.