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Astar's Craft: Weather Proof Picnic Blanket

With Astar

Now these are great. So handy and easy to make, and if you have an old blanket, even better.

Things to gather:

Old wool blanket or fabric to suit - printed canvas could work nicely as well&
Wadding to further insulate or thicken rug
Oil cloth or similar plastic backed fabric
Measuring tape
Pins sewing machine
Matching thread


Carefully cut off any fringing on blanket.

Measure blanket and cut oil cloth or plastic backed fabric to same size.

Bring oil skin and blanket or canvas fabric together - right sides facing; if using wadding, stitch to wrong side or inside of oil cloth first.

Take pins and pin around all edges about 1cm in, leaving an opening big enough to push work through when stitched.

Sew around edges.

Take scissors and clip corners to remove bulk.

Turn work right sides out.

Take scissors or a knitting needle and push out corners to make neat.

Hand stitch opening, to close.

(TX: 18 August 2011)