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Astar's Craft: Vintage Print Star Bunting

With Astar

Things to gather:

From Spotlight you can purchase a wonderful selection of inter-matching and colour contrasting vintage printed card which will be perfect for this project.

Cotton or thread used for stitching denim
Sewing machine
You will also need a small and large star template or use a cookie cutter.
Sharp craft knife
Pencil and rubber
A small round curtain ring
+ a crystal bead or two for finishing off each end of your completed bunting.
Needle to fix beads to end threads


Use the template and trace around each of the stars

Use the craft knife to carefully cut out each star.

Thread the sewing machine with the heavy cotton thread.

Before you start stitching stars together leave a good 20cm free for threading on beads and crystals and curtain ring.

To connect stars and form garland bunting

Start with a small star and stitch through the middle. Pull threads through about 7cm, then stitch through the middle of a large star. Pull threads through another 7cm and this time stitch through the middle of a small star.

Stitch slowly in case thread snaps&

Continue stitching with this sequence pattern until you have a length desire.

Leave the same amount of end threads as at the start.

Thread up your needle and fix beads and crystals at both ends, finishing off with the round curtain ring.

(TX: 17 November 2011)