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Astar's Craft: Tree Table Toppers

With Astar

Tree Table Toppers or Vintage Inspired Miniature Trees from Recycled Materials

These trees are fantastic if you are not into the ladder trees I did last week or traditional trees, and you just want a token piece of Christmas to decorate a table.

Materials -  all available from Spotlight
Decofoam cone  (Code SCO7769)- 250mm high x 3
Decofoam cube (SCU 7790) x 3
1 x piece of doweling in a width to suit
+ hand-saw to cut into lengths of about 10 or 12 cm
Acrylic water colour - white to paint above dowelling
Craft glue to fixing cone to foam cube base
Selection of wool/cotton balls& I used: Moda Vera flurry + jazz + wisp + cotton knit all in white
White and pearl mini glass Christmas ornaments or buttons/beads
Optional - silver leaf braid
Pretty patterned paper or fabric to cover base cube.
Pearl headed pin for fixing wool and fabric to foam cone tree.

I have this little design rule which goes along these lines
"One on its own is lonely, two is interesting but three is visually stimulating to the eye..." - especially when working with smaller projects/objects. A cluster or group of these trees in the centre of a table would look stunning along with a few various sized white candles.
Or make them as gifts and give them away before Christmas.
Or for those living in small spaces - they don't take up much room.
Once you have cut doweling to desired length, paint and allow to completely dry.
You could either paint the base cube or cover it in a paper or fabric of your choice.
Glue wool/fabric into manageable lengths, then starting at the base, wind wool to cover cone.
Use the heavier textured wool/fabric on the base and work towards lighter and finer texture as your top layers.
Don't be fussy with you coverage, just ensure it is firm.
Finish off with a layer of silver leaf braid, then fix into place if desired, small glass Christmas ornaments or dress with buttons glued into place along with beads of your choice.
If you have a small sparkly star, fix to top of tree.

To assemble (which I would do before fixing ornaments)
Push a hole into the base cube, then insert painted or covered doweling.  Glue into place, then repeat into base of covered cone.

(Broadcast 20 November 2012)