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Astar's Craft: Astar's Transferred Serviette Image Cards

Astar's Transferred Serviette Image Cards

Might sound like a long name, but as many words being used, seriously this is the easiest way to transfer an image onto a blank card.

Once mastered you may never need to buy another greeting card again.

What You Need:

From Spotlight you can purchase packs containing 10 blank cards and fitting envelopes.

Paper serviettes' with images to suit

Plastic wrap / cling film

Baking paper

Iron and ironing board



Set your iron to medium/high heat.

You need to separate the 2 white pieces of serviettes' from the printed top image.

To do this, simply iron from the bottom (unprinted side). You will see it separating. Stop ironing and pull the bottom piece away. Iron again until the next layer can easily and gently be removed.

Place a big piece of baking paper down on top of ironing board.

Place the card - top side - facing up.

Place a piece of plastic wrap or cling film on top of the card.

Cut image of serviette to either cover entire back and face of card or half portion of card.

NOTE: doesn't matter if it overlaps edges of card as this can be cut away at completion of project.

Place another piece of baking paper on top of above.

NOTE: the baking paper is only being used to protect face of iron and cover of ironing board.

NOTE: should plastic hit the iron, use a piece of tin foil on top of ironing board, and then rub hot iron over foil. Plastic should disappear.

With a medium warm iron, rub iron over top of baking paper covered card.

Keep gently rubbing until plastic fuses printed image onto face of card.

Once transferred the impression has a fabric like feel.

Trim away excess plastic and paper if required.

Further embellishing can be achieved by using 'peel and stick' letters or 'rub on letters/verses' to suit&