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Astar's Craft: Scented Candles

Astar’s Scented Candles


Making candles is such fun and so easy.  I’m using soy wax as this is user friendly, and doesn’t emit toxic fumes and it burns cleanly.…


All materials can be obtained from


Things to gather:

Soy wax

1 -3 drops of dye

Pot to melt wax + Pyrex dish and glass jug + boiling water

Candle wicks

Essential oil

Containers for candle – cup, glass etc

Wooden spoon or similar to stir melting wax…

Couple of satay sticks…



As a general rule 250gm of wax will fill a 250ml cup.


Place soy wax and dye into a pan over medium heat.


As wax starts to melt dip metal part of wick into wax then fix to bottom of candle tin, glass or cup.


Stir wax as it melts to evenly distribute colour.


While this is melting, sit a Pyrex jug in a bath of hot water to warm glass, cup etc.



You could use a plastic jug but be aware that plastic will not retain heat for long so you would need to work quickly so wax doesn’t set in jug.

Remove pan from heat and stir in essential oil.

Gently pour into containers, without disturbing the secured wick.

If they do move use a couple of bamboo skewers across top of candle to prevent wicks from moving.

Leave candles to cool and set.

Hand paint using glass paint available from spotlight to decorate and personalise your candles and give as gifts to friends.