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Astar's Craft: Rose Petal Beads

Rose Petal Beads

Yesterday was my birthday and as is the custom the Engineer gave me roses. 

The roses look wonderful for a time, but then they wilt. Not wanting to waste a lovely gift, this year I'm turning them into rose petal beads.

And there are still roses hanging on bushes, but if you are stuck just buy some.

What You Need:

4 cups of highly fragrant red rose petals
Rose oil
Wide eyed needle
Nylon to thread up beads
Rusty nail - add to pot helps to increase the darkness of the beads once finished.
Small amount of gum Arabic which acts as a fixative - get it from the chemist.


1. Finely chop up rose petals.

2. Add to pot and cover with water.

3. Simmer gently for an hour.

4. Add rose oil if necessary and simmer another½hour a day for around 5 days until petals mix begins to look like clay.

5. If there is any moisture after 5 days squeeze to remove.

6. Form into small beads - remember they do shrink.

7. Use needle to make a hole through each bead.

8. Place in hot water cupboard to cure.

9. Check beads daily.

10. When fully dry - rub each bead with rose oil.

11. This also helps to further harden.

12. String beads and enjoy the rose fragrance which comes off the beads thanks to the warmth of the body.

13. Refresh with oil as necessary.