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Astar's Craft: Replica Royal Wedding Dress

With Astar

Astar's Replica Royal Wedding Dress

Things to gather
Pattern - Simplicity 5006 or for the skirt Vogue vintage 2561

All materials are available from Spotlight...

Fabric - I used polyester curtain lining - white
- lace curtaining or stretch lace for over top
- fusing
- white cotton
- sewing machine
- over locker - optional but it does make work quicker
- sharp scissors
- tulle for the veil - I purchased several meters
- tiara
- drop diamond earrings
- bra cups in your bust size
- optional - boning
- fabric stiffener
- bra birch hook eye tape - white
- binding tape for corsets
- additional fabric for train in matching fabric,
- self-sticking velcro for fixing
For the bouquet - several bunches of artificial white lily of the valley and ribbon to bind handle.
Fabric requirements - depending on your size, the pattern designer has indicated how much fabric you will require - just buy a little extra.

Full instructions on cutting and making up are contained within the pattern. Just follow the steps.
Because I didn't have much time I have not boned out the corset, however boning out will give a much firmer fit and better shape.
The frock does need a petticoat, just use the skirt pattern - see view 'D' and use a much lighter weight fabric and frill using additional tulle - gathered fully.
As for the lace top, I used a tight fitting long sleeve t-skirt and cut a pattern from it, then added additional height at the back neck and shaped the front into a tear drop. 
The edges around the cuff and neck were edged in a fine stretch lace which was stretch eased tightly to fit around the neck edge. 
This could be further stiffened using fabric stiffener.
Once finished have a friend help you trim hem edge to that of corset.
For the train, it's basically a long long, long, long piece of fabric with the bottom or base end rounded.
At the top - or where it will be fixed onto back of skirt waist band, slightly round off and then pleat to fit from just behind hips. 
Pin then stitched to hold. 
Make or take a piece of bias binding to finish and neaten pleated area. 
Stitch small portions of velcro to both waist band and match up on train.
Make a big bow from fabric and stitch to top middle section of train - nice finishing touch.
The flowers used for the bouquet are from Spotlight. They have short stems and to lengthen, wire using 18 gauge wire to extend stems.
Use green stretch floral tape to cover wires.
Bring all stems together, and then bind together once again with floral tape.
Use ribbon or long lengths of tulle to bind and thus hide taping.
Make a bow and place at the top where stem begins.

(Broadcast 24 Apr 2012)