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Astar's Craft: A Quick and Easy Sundress

With Astar

In celebrations of all things Pacific
A Quick and Easy Sundress

Going on holiday to a warm tropical Pacific Island, you need a nice easy to wear cool frock. I've got it covered with this three (or perhaps six) seam sun dress.

Things to gather
From Spotlight you will find (in the dress fabric aisle) - fabric that has been smocked at the top.  There are several designs and colour plus several available for small girls.
The assistants will advise how much fabric you need, but as a general rule, and because it stretches, enough to easily go around you should be enough.
Matching thread
Sewing scissors
Pins and a measuring tape.
The drop length of the fabric is LONG which is great, because that surplus can be used to make shoulder straps.

Determine the finished length, add a cm or two for hem and cut to remove.
The top hem, just beyond the smocking might also need to be turned over and neatened.\
Cut away that which is surplus, allowing enough to turn over twice.
2cm should be sufficient. 
Turn fabric so that right sides face each other, then pin from the top down to the hem.

To hem top and bottom of dress
Simply iron over 1cm, then again.
Pin then stitch down.

To make shoulder straps
You might need someone to help with this measurement, but basically -  measure from the back over the front (mark for later).  Take this measurement and add a cm at each end.
Decide how wide you want straps to be and cut two, adding another cm both sides of width for seam allowance.
Turn right sides together, pin down seam and stitch.  Press seam out flat.
Turn right sides out.  Bring seam to what will be the middle of the under-side of the strap and press.
Using the marks already on the top smocked bodice, pin then stitch into place.


(Broadcast 28 August 2012)