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Astar's Craft: Pom Pom Chickens

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Things to teach the children to make for Easter 

Old fashioned pompoms made into brightly coloured chickens… too cute for words!

I remember my Nan teaching me how to make these and as my memory takes me back in time, how sorry I am that she is not here to see me demonstrating a skill she shared with me.

This is a great activity to enjoy with your children or grandchildren and they look great suspended from branches with chocolate decorated eggs.

Things to gather – all materials available from Spotlight

Couple of pieces of hard cardboard formed into 2 sets of circles with holes in the centre (about 7.5cm with a 2.5cm hole) and  another 6.5cm piece with a 2.5cm hole in the middle.

Yellow wool

Needle with a wide eye

Little pieces of orange to make feet and beeks

Little stick on eyes

Lengths of wool to hang


Place together, thread needle with a really long piece of wool and wind wool around both discs until the hole is almost full.

This is really important if you want really fat round balls.

Cut through the wool around the outer edge, tie a 30cm length of wool between the discs and then pull away. 

Repeat process using the smaller disc.

Join the pompoms together with the ties.

Cut four felt rectangles shaping one end into feet and wings.

Fold a diamond shape in half for the beak.

Glue in place and stick on eyes.

Hand up with lengths of wool to a bare branch placed in a terracotta pot filled with foam and covered in moss.

Far too cute for words.