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Astar's Craft - Picture Frame - 24 May

Picture Frame

Here is a lovely way of decorating a plain wooden picture/mirror frame using a crackle medium paint finish. 

Things to gather -

Wooden picture or mirror frames - available from Spotlight.
Two pots of contracting arcylic paint.  I used black as my base and white as my topcoat.
Semco crackle finish medium
Water based sealing vanish - both available from Spotlight.
3 paint brushes - about 2.5cm wide
Water for clean up

Method -

1. Apply base coat acrylic colour to dry clean surface and let dry.
2. Apply crackle medium with long even strokes and allow to dry.
3. Apply contrast acrylic colour with long even strokes.

Crackle effect will start to show as topcoat (contrast colour) dries.

To protect surface, apply several coats of vanish/sealer, allowing each coat to dry between applications.

Clean up with soap and water.


Celebration dining table flowers

A celebration is just not complete without flowers - in fact a world without flowers would be a very sad place.  In our house any excuse has me popping into the garden or down to the supermarket to pick up a bunch of something.

Today's design is low and flat - one doesn't want the flowers to dominate.
4 giant orange sunflowers - the best colour at this time of the year to lift ones spirits, a few black calla lilies to tie back into the black container and moss for balance and harmony.

Things to gather -

I've used an 54cm long x 15cm wide ceramic trough
Wet floral foam to fill container
4 giant orange sunflowers
5 black waxy calla lilies
A bit of moss for the base
Several long lengths of reeds - cut to 21cm long
Method -

1.  With foam in container, layer in a bed of moss.

2.  Cut stems of sunflowers to about 7.5cm long and using a pencil make a hole down into the moss, then with equal distance insert each sunflower. 

3.  Cut the calla lilies to about 15cm in length and insert 3 in a group in the middle of design between the sunflowers.

4.  Take the remaining calla and insert one between the end sunflowers, repeating on the opposite side.

5. Cluster the reeds into groups of about 5 or 6.  Then insert these with equal distance between each sunflower.