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Astar's Craft: Orchids and Ferns Faux Terrarium

With Astar

Orchids and Ferns Faux Terrarium

If you like potted orchids and want to display them with a twist, but have limited space, then try today's project.
Remove the orchids from their pot and transplant them, along with a fern as a companion, down inside a glass vase for a faux terrarium effect.

Things to gather
From the garden centre, purchase a miniature cymbidium, oncidium or zygopetalum or a similar specimen orchid plant. Also a fern.
Charcoal - available from the fish section at pet shops.
Decorative aquarium gravel in a colour to suit (the orchid I'm using is purple so I selected black stones/gravel).
Orchid potting mix
You might also need a funnel to pour each layer of charcoal, gravel and stones down inside the vase.

Ensure that the vase being used is completely clean inside and out.
Place a good couple of inches of charcoal to bottom of vase.
Charcoal is a water purifier and will stop excess water from stagnating and killing the plants.
Pour down on top of charcoal sufficient orchid mix so that you can transplant the orchid.
If it is too big, then cut down to size.
With lots of care, plant the orchid into the soil along with the fern.
Carefully place decorative stones around the orchid and fern.
Water as per care instruction that come with the orchid plant.
If you have a wedding or special event planned for the future, these could be planted up in advance.
I think they would look wonderful running the length of a table interspersed with matching candles. They would also look fabulous on a bathroom cabinet.

(Broadcast 17 July 2012)