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Astar's Craft: Moss Ball Terrarium

Moss Ball Terrarium

Bring a little bit of nature into your home with this easy to make terrarium.

What You Need:

Completed moss ball (see segment from 18th July)

Large round shaped glass terrarium container - I like a fish ball shape.

Stones/gravel for drainage

Orchid mix soil

Charcoal - this helps to keep the soil fresh

Decorative stones or if you can find them moss covered stones

Selection of baby ferns

Note: Plantselection is important. Humidity levels in a terrarium rise quickly so the best plants to choose are those found in a rain forest, woodlands or at the bottom of a forest floor where it is warm and damp.


Place a layer of stones or gravel gently down into the base of container.

Gently layer in some charcoal.

Place a layer of peat or orchid soil mix down on top.

Gently transplant baby plants down into soil but leave an area for the moss ball.

Cover soil with moss ball(s) and decorative stones.

Mist with water