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Astar's Craft: Mosaic Pots

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To hold a lovely flowering plant – possible craft project for children to do as a gift for mother's day...

Things to gather –

  • Terracotta pot in a size to suit
  • China plate broken into small pieces
  • All materials that can be found at Spotlight stores
    • Medium sized paint brush
    • Mosaic cement/grout (readymade or powder which you need to mix with water to a nice thick consistency – like butter)
    • Paint brush
    • Spatula
    • Sponge
    • Soft cleaning cloth

Method –

  • If you need to break up china, put in to the middle of a thick towel cover, then take the hammer and smash up into small workable piece – say a 10c piece size.
  • Use the paint brush and apply a nice thick layer of Mosaic adhesive glue/cement
  • Position broken china down and top of glue leaving small space between each placement
  • Let it dry overnight
  • The next day, use the spatula to apply grout.  Push this well down between pieces of glued china and smooth out flat as you go
  • Take a wet sponge and gently sponge away excess grout from broken china
  • It is important to remove as much as possible otherwise it will need to be scrapped away when dry
  • Use a soft cloth to polish surface once dry