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Astar's Craft: Mexican inspired art

With Astar

Mexican inspired art
Depicting the life of Frida Kahlo

In sticking with my Mexican themed morning I thought it only appropriate that we make a quick and easy piece of art work depicting one of my most favourite female artists - the late Frida Kahlo.

Things to gather -
Pre-stretched canvas in a size to suit. 
Enough images of Frida Kahlo to cover your canvas.
Small tube of artist's acrylic ultramarine blue paint and a paint brush for application.
Small pictures depicting Mexican inspired icons - skulls, Madonna and brightly coloured flowers.
Spray adhesive glue
Spray vanish
Clear heavy tape - like that used to close packing boxes
Optional glitter

Method -
Use the blue paint to cover sides and face of canvas.
Allow to dry.
Cut out images of Frida then arrange these in a pattern to suit on the canvas. 
Once you have a collage effect to suit, use the spray adhesive to fix images down into place.
Allow to dry.
To further embellish - fix paper icon images to sticky side of clear packing tape, pressing down firmly and ensure there are no creases.
Soak in water for about 5 minutes, then dry off on a soft towel.
Use your fingers to gently rub to remove paper backing. 
You might need to work at it several times until all paper is gone and you are left with a nice clear transparent image.
Cut away excess tape, then spray fix down on top of previously glued pictures.
You might also like to take these clear images down the sides of the canvas plus form a lovely border around the edges.
In my research, what I also noticed was that the Mexican crafters use a lot of glitter to further lift work. 
To apply glitter, simply mist around areas to be high-lighted with spray adhesive glue, then dust with glitter. 
When dry, gently shake canvas to remove that which is excess.
Further protect work with several coats of spray vanish allowing it to dry between application.
Once finished my work will take pride on the dining room wall. Nice talking point if conversation dies at the dinner table!

(Broadcast 1 May 2012)