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Astar's Craft: Leather Rose

Leather Roses

Once mastered these could be used to embellish the face of a cushion, or perhaps fixed to a brooch pin.

What You Need:

From Spotlight you will find, bags of leather strips which are perfect for this project. The pack contains various coloured pieces of leather big enough to create several roses.

Card to make a template
Sharp scissors
Needle and linen or dental floss tape
Punch hole or sharp nail and hammer
Embellishment for center of formed flower - pearl button, leather button etc


Use the card to create a large 4 or 5 petal flower.

Make another several cm smaller.

Use these templates to trace around leather strips.

Cut petals from leather.

Use the hole punch or nail and hammer to create two holes in the middle of each set of petals. The holes need to marry up with the holes of the button being fixed to center of flower once completed.

Thread the needle and stitch large petals to smaller.

Bring the thread through to the front and fix button to finish off the center of your leather flower.

Fix to the middle of a cushion or glue to the back of a brooch pin.