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Astar's Craft: Laundry Handy Home Hints - Part 1 and 2

Laundry Handy Home Hints

Watch a video clip of Astar demonstrating her  home hints here .

Dirty Iron
Getting rid of hot sticky stuff burnt onto iron face (happens to me all the time): Rub iron with aluminum foil to remove burnt on starch and anything sticky.

Drying Clothes in the Dyer
How to dry clothes in the dryer twice as fast: Place a couple of tennis balls in each dryer cycle. The balls not only cut drying time in half but also fluff the cloths to a delicate softness and towels come out extra fluffy.

Fading Clothes
Worried about clothes fading - turn dark clothes inside out and wash in the coolest water possible. If using the dryer to dry, put onto lowest heat.

Black Clothes
To keep blacks always black, every 8th wash throw a box of black dye into the washing machine.

Down Feather
YES you can wash a down comforter or jacket. The secret is to spot lightly any heavy dirty areas. Then rinse with water. Wash the item in a gently cycle with mild detergent. The key is to ensure the down is rinsed VERY well. Then place it in the dryer which is better than line drying. This allows the feathers to plump up again. Place several tennis balls in the dryer will also help fluff the down. Take caution, is if the item has weak seams or fragile fabric it could explode and leave you with only down. If there are stains remaining, place it on a blanket outdoors in full sunshine for several days. 

You're Handy Home Hints

Tips from Elizabeth:

How to stop Milo setting like a brick:
Put a tea bag in the tin with the Milo.

How to keep bananas for a long time:
Separate each banana from the bunch. Once separated into singles they last twice as long.

Tip from Cheryl:

How to get marks and scuffs off white goods (washing machines, fridge, freezer, laminated desktops, bench tops etc):
Use car 'cut and polish cream'.
Note: Start off gently a little bit goes a long way and the marks really do wipe off easily.

Tip from Marion:

For cleaning the toilet:
Sprinkle the bowl insides with baking soda, then spray with white vinegar. Leave for 10 minutes then scrub with a brush.
It works like a treat and the toilets sparkles. It's also kind to the environment. 

Astar's Tips:

Make your own general cleaner:
Mix one part ammonia with 2 parts dishwashing liquid. 
This works on even the toughest marks and grime.

Remove fruit stains from hands:
Rub hands with either a raw tomato, pumice soap (that's like sugar soap), Sard Wondersoap or good old sunlight soap.
Lather up with a bit of salt.