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Astar's craft - Craft for kids - 23 July

Wheathead or grasshead

When I was a wee girl, I loved to make these. The magic of watching the sprouting wheat pop out the top and continue to grow never failed to delight.

Things to gather
- Couple tablespoons of live wheat which can be purchased from most health or organic shops.
- Grass seed available from the garden centre.
- Couple of handfuls of wet sphagnum moss or you can use sawdust.
- An old pair nylon stockings or knee-high stocking.
- Scissors
- Wobbly craft eyes - available from Spotlight
- Several rubber bands
- A bit of red felt to make a mouth shape - from Spotlight
- Glue to fix above in place
- Bowl or saucer to hold above when finished

Method for wheathead or grasshead:

- Put the wheat or grass seed into the bottom (foot end) of the stocking.
- Make a ball out of the wet moss and push this down on top of wheat - this forms the face so make it as big as you like.
- Secure end with a rubber band or knot off.
- Use little rubber bands to make ears and a nose.
- Glue felt mouth and eyes to front of face.
- Place in a small bowl with water and watch as the grass man sprouts hair.
- Don't forget to give him a haircut every now and then!

Chalk paint terracotta pot - body for the wet head man

This paint is fantastic, and comes in a number of shades.

Things to gather
- From Porter's Paints 90 Anzac Avenue Auckland ph - (09) 377 6008 You can purchase the undercoat required to prep your pot, along with the chalkboard paint. I used the shade Jungle Frog.
- Paint brushes and water for clean up.
- And don't forget the chalk so that you can draw on the completed project.


Really quick and easy - all you have to do is make sure that the surface to be painted is free of dirt, dust and grease.

- Apply 2 coats of undercoat paint.
- Allow to dry, and then apply 2 top coats of chalk paint, allowing to completely dry between each application.
- Now take chalk and create nifty patterns around the outside of the pot.
- To remove chalk just use a microfibre cloth (that's the yellow ones available from the supermarket)

Mirror/notice boards

For the older more sophisticated grown-up kids.

I wish I had thought of this idea years ago when my son was learning about the importance of memory!

I know for a fact how much time teenagers spend in front of the mirror and my great idea is: A mirror, a frame, and a notice board all in one! FANTASTIC!

Things to gather
- From Spotlight you can purchase quite wide unpainted framed mirrors in various sizes - might I suggest the larger one.
- Chalk board paint in a colour to suit
- Lime-free undercoat
- Paint brushes and water to clean up

- As above, 2 coats undercoat, 2 coats chalk paint.  Allow to dry between each coat.
- Fix chalk to a piece of string and chalk away with reminder messages