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Astar's Craft: Hot and spicy floral design using peppers, chillies and tiger lilies

With Astar

Hot and spicy floral design using peppers, chillies and tiger lilies

I'm having a cheap and cheerful dinner for my friends.
Using the Mexican chicken dish below as my inspiration, I'm creating something flaming hot and colourful to grace the centre of my table.

Things to gather
Find a red platter as your base - have a look at Spotlight for something appropriate. If possible, try to get something square and flattish or paint-finish a tray.
1 tall thick red pillar candle - Spotlight have a great selection of coloured candles.
Optional 4 shorter red candles 
Optional - enough red chillies to make a garland to wrap around completed design - about 24 + fishing line and a needle to thread chillies to make garland.
4 peppers, either all red, or go for red, yellow and orange
Satay stick or toothpick
Floral snips
Enough wet green floral foam to fill each pepper
1 bunch of orange tiger lilies

Cut the top off each pepper and set aside.
Cut enough wet foam to fit down inside each pepper about 1cm  below rim.
Insert into each pepper.
NOTE:-  If the pepper doesn't sit flat you might need to trim a little off the base so that it does.
Cut lilies off stem, then insert in tight clustered groups down into foam.  Make sure that the stem is short enough so that when the flowers are inserted they rest on top of peppers with no stem showing.
Optional - if you want more visual interest, use the toothpick to fix pepper top to protrude from top down side of flower-filled pepper.
Place candle into centre of platter, then surround candle with filled peppers.
Either shatter chillies around outer edges of platter, or thread them up onto fishing line to make a garland.
The garland can then be wrapped around the completed design.
When dressing the table, use Mexican inspired/printed fabric to make a narrow runner to run down the length of the table.
Place filled dish in the centre of runner.
To further extend and give the illusion of a longer design, place shorter candles at each end& or shatter the chillies down the table.

(Broadcast 1 May 2012)