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Astar's Craft: Homemade Woollen Poncho

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Homemade Woollen Poncho

I found my blankets at the second hand store and after a good warm wash and they came up beautifully.

This is a no sew project and is very easy to achieve within an hour… The bigger the blanket the bigger and longer once finished and from one blanket you could possibly get two or three children sized poncho’s…


Things to gather –

  • Pre-loved washed double blanket.  The bigger the blanket the longer the finished garment will be…
  • Measuring tape
  • Pins
  • Sharp cutting scissors
  • Nice big flat working surface…
  • Needle to blanket stitch finished raw edges.
  • Optional (for embellishing)
    • Felt flowers
    • Fringe
    • Braid
    • Contrasting or matching wool


Method –

  • Before beginning, have someone measure from the centre of your neck across your arm to the middle of your hand (For me I worked on 80cm). Also allow a decent length to cut fringe.
  • Take the blanket and fold in half bringing the top edges over to meet the bottom edges of blanket.
  • Note: if your blanket has old fashion satin covered hems, these are the areas I’m talking about, but some might have blanket stitched edges.
  • Once folded, fold again bringing the 4 sides edges together.
  • You should now have an area on one side double folded incorporating 4 layers and 4 exposed layers on the opposite side.
  • Smooth all layers to ensure there are no hidden wrinkles in any of the layers
    • The double folded areas will become the centre back and centre front.
    • The 4 exposed layers will be the side areas and come down the arms.
    • The bottom 4 exposed layers are the hem area. 
  • Basically, once finished you will be left with a big round squareof fabric.  A small slit opening will be made in the centre for the head.
  • Take the tape measure and go to the top portion of folded blanket (4 layers folded)…and measure along this folded area 80cm (or correct measurement for you).
  • Mark this measurement with a pin – right up at the central point. NOTE - this point will become the EXACT centre point which will be cut later on for the head to fit through…
  • From this top mark, come across another couple of cm’s and mark with a pin again.  Make sure all layers are firmly pinned. NOTE:  you can use dress markers chalk, but I prefer using the pins as this holds all layers firmly together.
  • Repeat working from this exact top point down and across until you are nearing the 4 exposed layers.
  • Once all marked and pinned.  Check your measurements to ensure they are even.
  • Take your scissors and cut along pinned line.
  • Once finished you should have a big circle, folded into quarters.
  • Now we come to the tricky bit… working out how much to cut for your head to fit through. If you cut too much, then the finished garment will slip over your shoulders.
  • Unfold so that you have a half circle in front of you.
  • Check to ensure that the first pin or EXACT central or middle pin is still in position.
  • Make a wee incision by this central pin and cut across several inches.  Repeat going the other way.
  • Place your head through this opening. If too small, cut several more inches each side of opening.
  • Because you are using wool it will stretch so JUST ENOUGH is the rule of thumb as it will stretch over time…


To finish and embellish –

Option one – you could self-fringe by making even cuts into the hem

Option two – blanket stitch all raw areas

Option three – hand stitch (or machine stitch) around the hem with braid or pre-made fringing, however it will take lots!

Option four – make felt flowers and hand stitch these in a design to suit