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Astar's Craft: Home-made Soap

How to make glycerine soap… lotions and potions


Here is a really easy fun project for the kids to enjoy during the holidays.   Melt colour and pour soap base into molds and within an hour they are ready to go!


Things to gather:

All materials can be purchased from

You will need either a slab of clear glycerine or goats milk soap base…

Dye to colour soap

+ for the adventurous,  oatmeal, essentials oils, dried flowers and even confetti…

I used chocolate molds depicting sea creatures, or hearts, stars etc – all available from Spotlight.

A pot and a stirring spoon + jug in which to pour soap into molds.



To mix dye colours… 1 tsp of dye to any oil – olive, cooking, almond.


Colour mixing… red & yellow = orange

                            Blue & red = purple

                            Blue & yellow = green.


Simply cut up soap base, add to pot and gently heat until soap is liquid.


Dye to suit or add flowers, oat meal or essential oils, then gently pour into molds.


They can be removed from mold after 1 hour and used straight away.


Wrap in clingfilm if not using straight away as glycerine draws moisture from the air – which is good news for your skin. 


(It gives the appearance of sweating as the beads of moisture attach to it.)


Wrap and decorate to suit and give away as gifts.