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Astar's Craft: Heavenly Reed Diffuser

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Heavenly Reed Diffuser


Things to gather –

  • Small narrow necked bottles
  • Satay sticks or reeds (about 5)
  • Essential oil combinations of your choice – about 25 drops – I like the smell of rose/lavender/ tuberose etc
  • ¼ cup Vodka or isopropyl alcohol
  • ¼ cup rain water – boiled and allow to cool slightly
  • Funnel


Method –

1. The best bottles to use are those with narrow necks as this helps to keep the reeds or satay sticks vertical thus making it easy for the oils to slowly move up the sticks + because the alcohol evaporated quickly this aids in helping to draw the oils up the sticks.

2. Place the funnel down into the neck of the bottle.

3. Pour in the water, vodka and essential oil blend.

4. Plug up the opening with your finger and give it a good shake.

5. Add sticks and wait for the fragrance to fill the air....