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Astar's Craft: Harvest or Herb Patterned Tray

With Astar

Decoupage part 2 - Harvest or Herb Patterned Tray

These trays are fantastic and when I'm cooking and need herbs, I hand it to the Engineer and send him off into the garden to gather for me. When he asks what do they look like, I simply show him the picture on the tray. This has stopped the - "I asked for basil, not mint!" - How terribly clever, am I?

Things to gather
From Spotlight - a wooden 'Kaiserwood' - medium unpainted tray
Royal Coat - decoupage finish glue and seal
- paint brushes
- sand paper
Acrylic undercoat
Top coat acrylic paint in a colour of your choice
Selection pictures depicting as many small images of herbs as you can find - or whatever is in your garden
Candle and matches to light
Top coating - vanish to seal work

Sand off any rough edges of tray should there be any.
Apply a good coat of acrylic undercoat and allow to dry.
Sand off to make smooth.

Note : The better the prep and undercoating the better than finished result.

Apply 2 top coats of paint and allow time between for drying.
Sand to make nice and smooth.
Rip or tear herb images, then use the candle to burn around the edges.
Glue to base and smooth out with your fingers.  The carbon deposits on the burnt edges will rub onto the painted surfaces to thus give additional depth and interest.

When you have finished, allow to dry before applying several top coats of vanish to seal and protect work.
And of course the tray can be used for many other uses, and make for fantastic gifts.

Happy crafting!

(Broadcast: 1 Mar 2012)