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Astar's Craft: Hanging Linen Storage Sleeve

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Hanging linen storage sleeve for recycling plastic bags…

My mother has one of these hanging on a hook in the laundry.  She simply pops the plastic bags in the top and pushes them to the bottom which has an elastic bound opening. So handy and so easy to store bags for future use. 


Things to gather –

  • Linen or cotton tea towel
  • Sewing machine + iron
  • Wide elastic + safety pin
  • Ribbon, cord or tape – for hanger
  • Dress making pins
  • Scissors


Method –

  • Fold tea towel in half – long ways and press.
  • Pin down the sides.
  • Take work to sewing machine and stitch down pinned side. Press to make seam nice and flat.
  • If tea towel has writing make sure you have writing facing the correct way, then at what will be the bottom fold over a couple of cm then press to hold in place.  Pin and then stitch around leaving an opening big enough to thread elastic.
  • Cut a piece of elastic just over half the width, put a safety pin into one end of elastic, and then thread through opening.
  • Bring the ends of elastic over a good cm then stitch to hold together.
  • Hand stitch to close opening.
  • Take a piece of cord or tape and fix this at top of sleeve bag.  Stitch to fix into place.
  • Fill with plastic bags.