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Astar's Craft: Handy Home Hints - Gardening Solutions

Handy Home Hints - Gardening Solutions

In my quest to be kind to the planet and thinking globally to acting locally, these easy-to-find solutions really do work. I haven't purchased harsh nasty chemicals/pesticides for years, and my way is so much cheaper and kinder on the environment.

Got a bed of weeds and the job looks to hard to hand pick them all out? 

Solution - open the long sides of a big black trash bag to make a long sheet. Place the plastic over the weeds. Secure with bricks or heavy stones to keep in place and eliminate any day light and moisture. Wait a couple of weeks and all weeds should be dead.

Or - thoroughly soak a full section of the newspaper. Unfold, and then lay down on top of weedy area. Weigh it down and eliminate day light& leave a week or so. The weeds should be dead and the new paper can be dug into the soil. Garden weeded, dug and ready for planting. 

Weeds between the pavers- don't you just hate hand pulling them out? I do, but these two tips really work.

On a dry warm sunny afternoon sprinkle down a layer of plain ordinary salt between the pavers and walk away.

If you have a mossy area on pavers or concrete- sprinkle down salt. Kills the spurs as well as the moss. Once dead, sweep away and then repeat process. 

Vinegar works equally as well. Pour directly between the pavers.

Note: Take care not to get salt or vinegar onto plants you don't want to kill.

My biggest dislike in the garden isdandelions. If they get the opportunity of going to seed, the little white fluffy balls contain zillions of seeds and they can germinate before your eyes. Call me crazy, well the neighbors do, because I use the dust buster. Once captured, I put them in the trash. I have discovered that if my compost isn't the correct heat, they will thrive!

Another dislike iswhiteflies or butterflies. These little pests love my cabbages/tomatoes and all sorts of other plants and if you see one, the others aren't that far away.

Solution - Listerine - I soak a cotton wool ball with Listerine and put it inside the dust buster, then suck them up off the leaves. The Listerine kills them dead.

Alternative insecticide for the garden:

A BIG WARNING BEFORE DOING THIS - TESTon a few leaves incase it is too strong and don't apply this spray in the heat of the day.

Into a mister spray bottle add a tsp of natural dishwashing detergent with 1 tsp of Listerine and 2 cups of water. Use every couple of weeks as a natural insecticide for fruit/vegetables and flowers.

Another interesting thing about whiteflies and the other reason they must be gone at all times & they excrete a sticky substance that attracts mold to plants&

The other thing I discovered about whiteflies is that they like the colour yellow. This is what I have started to do and it really does work& Recycle a tin can and paint both inside and out with bright yellow paint.   Apply a good thick layer of Vaseline inside can. Place beside plants being attacked. The flies buzz around the yellow and then their legs get stuck in the Vaseline and that is the end of them...