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Astar's Craft: Fridge Magnets

Astar’s Fridge Magnets

Because ‘things of importance’ get forgotten in our house, the only way forward is to reluctantly turn the fridge into a memory or notice board.

I tried to buy some, but those I found weren’t suitable and nor did they suit my décor, so I am going to make my own.

What You Need:

  • From Spotlight you can get…
  • Papercraft - self adhesive magnet sheets in various sized 
  • As well as card stock decoupage sheets which work well for this project.
  • You can also use images from printed fabric and photographs etc
  • Sharp scissors
  • Modpodge glue/sealer and a paint brush.


  1. Remove magnet sheets from pack then peel off protective covering.
  2. Select image to be fixed to sticky side of magnet sheet and then position image.
  3. Cut around image.
  4. Seal to protect image with a good couple of coats of Modpodge sealer.
  5. Allow to dry, and then they are ready to use.
  6. These would make for great Christmas gift.