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Astar's craft - Flowers, zipper roses - 1 October

Dish flowers

Zipper rose

Purse with zipper roses

Dish flowers - Exquisite floral designing for small places

Great table flowers for weddings or special occasions.

Things to gather
Shallow white ceramic dish/plate
1/2 block wet floral foam
Either a pin holder or oasis tape to hold foam to plate
Twisty vine foamed into a wreath or loose circle shape - big enough to fit inside dish.
1 bunch white ranunculus
1 bunch small white roses
Lily of the valley tree
Asparagus fern - 1 big trail

- Soak foam block and firmly fix to bottom of dish.
- Form twisty vine to make a wreath or circle shape to fit inside dish. 
- Fix with small pieces of wire to hold in place.
- Add roses to one side of foam in a tight grouping.
- Place lily of the valley beside roses.
- Place ranunculus to fall out other side.
- Place fern on the opposite side to rest on top of wreath.  Bring it round back into flowers.

Zipper roses - Fashion with a twist

I found this idea in 'Get Creative' a magazine published by Spotlight.

These hand made roses are beyond fabulous.  I've used a recycled long heavy metal self opening zip and turned it into a rose.  Gorgeous as brooches or fixed to a fascinator hat, or hand bag&

Things to gather
Really long black (or colour to suit) zip - 61cm with silver metal teeth
Matching cotton and needle
Sharp scissors
Craft glue or glue gun and glue sticks

All materials available from Spotlight

- Separate zipper into two sides and cut off the zipper head. 
- Using one of the zipper sides, fold over the first 3cm of zipper and secure with hand stitching.
- Continue to wrap the zipper around the folded centre, securing by hand stitching as you go.
- Occasionally fold zipper back on itself or gather the zipper to create shape and details - as you imagine a rose to look.
- When finished with first side of zipper, secure the end to the back of the flower and start with the other zipper side. 
- Continue until desired size of flower is achieved.

How to make the brooch

Or dress a fascinator head piece or decorate a bag with zipper roses

Brooch back
Fascinator and small amount of black net or black feathers or plain black clutch bag
Hot glue gun and glue sticks or craft glue
Optional: crystal drops or beaded fringing


For the brooch
- Simply glue finished zipper rose to top side of brooch back then embellish further with drops of crystals or beads.

To make fascinator
- Gather up net then glue to matching  fascinator. 
- Glue in a pattern to suit, zip roses.

To decorate handbag
- You will need enough roses to run along the top (opening of bag) glue in place along with drops of beads or crystals to suit.
- Easy easy easy embellishing to create - fashion statements.