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Astar's craft: Flowers for the hair - 13 May

Enhancing the body with flowers

Flowers for the hair

As I look through fashion magazines I am thrilled to discover that flowers have finally started to reappear as enhancing features on designer clothing. Fantastic for a girl like myself who has always loved them. Now I can freely embellish and not look like a walking floral arrangement.

My favourite designer is Jean-Paul Gaultier and to have the opportunity of wearing as an everyday garment - one of his beyond delicious floral extravaganzas - would make my day. However 200 meters of tuelle and several hundred flowers would not make for quick ease of movement.

However all is not lost, as I can add a flower or two to my hair, several around the neck line of a top, plus now it is most acceptable to embellish my shoes. What could be better?

This week it's all about flowers for the hair

Single flowers fixed to hat elastic

What to gather
Depending on your hair colour, either cream, brown or black wide hat elastic. Say, half a meter.
Needle and thread to match flower/s - as opposed to the hot glue gun, as hand stitching will ensure that that which is fixed to the elastic, stays put!
From Spotlight you will find a wonderful selection of silk or artificial flowers - purchase what takes your fancy.
Selection of rhinestones, sequins or jewels to enhance completed head piece along with Gem-Bond glue - also available from Spotlight.
A paint brush and tweezers to fix jewels.
Large flat dish or dinner plate.
Piece of baking paper.


Cut the flower off the stem.

Take the gem bond glue and using a paint brush, apply a thin layer of glue to the area of the artificial flower you would like to enhance with jewels/sequins.

Over a large dinner plate or flat dish, holding onto the flower sprinkle glued area with the jewels or sequins.

Place on top of a piece of baking paper and let completely dry.

Depending on how many times you wind elastic band around your pony-tail, cut elastic to this measurement plus and extra cm.

Bring both ends of elastic together and stitch to hold and close. Then simply stitch flower to closed portion of elastic.

Flowers fixed on to a head band

Things to gather
Pre-purchased plain undress head band.  I usually buy mine from places like Chinese emporiums, or $2 shops.
Either a plain or jewel embellish flower - or if you'd like to completely cover entire band, you'll need sufficient number of flowers to achieve this task.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.

There are two ways that this could be embellished -
- a single large flower glued to one side
- or a band of flowers

Easy, easy, easy, simply glue flowers directly onto the band in a pattern to suit.

Flowers wired and fixed to a side comb

This method is the best when using larger numbers of flower.

Things to gather
Selection of flowers of your choice
Several pieces of 22 gauge wire
Either green or brown parafilm - floral tape
Jewels and gem to embellish flowers
Wire cutters
Sharp thick needle - used for making a hole through flowers once stem removed.
Side comb in a colour to suit - they come in clear, brown or black plastic.


Several weeks ago I demonstrated how to make a corsage. This next method is exactly the same.

Of all the methods, this is by far to best, as it's more permanent and secure. All materials are wired, then the wire stems covered in floral tape, then assembled before being wired onto the neck of the comb.

1. Remove all flowers from stems

2. Take the needle or sharp object and push this through base of flower - or where original stem was.

3. Insert a piece of the wire through above hole. Come through about 4cm, and then fold wire back on itself.

4. Use the tape to cover about 2 or 3cm down new wired stem.

5. Repeat until all flowers have been wired and taped.

6. Decide how you would like to assemble flower. It's best to have a fiddle with various looks until satisfied. Far easier at this stage as once wired it's almost a matter of rewiring and starting again.

NOTE - the wires act as the new method of manipulation and are much smaller and finer than existing.  The wiring also eliminates bulk and excess weight.  Remember these flower once finished are to be worn in the hair and if they are too heavy, you'll know about it within a short time of wearing them.

Less bulk, less weight and a finer neater completed product.

When it comes to assembling, take the end flower or that furtherest from the centre and place it in your hand, bring the next flower and place this as close to first as possible. Repeat with the middle flower. Tape to hold wired stems.

Repeat process with second group of flowers. Tape to hold all flowers.

Now bring both middles together. Wires to the left and right form a second support structure. Cut excess wires off.

Lay line of flowers on top of neck of comb, with the middle flowers in the middle section.  Take either heavy thread or wire and twist to fix.