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Astar's Craft: Embossed wall paper art

With Astar

Embossed wall paper mounted onto canvas, then further embellished with heat set puff paint lettering!

Things to gather 
A pre-stretched canvas in a size to suit.
Either PVA glue or 'Modpodge' - a water based sealer, glue and finish
Wide paint brush for application
Black and white printed wallpaper in the design of your choice
1 tube of black 3-D paint writer PUFF textured flexible paint.
Long ruler
Sharp craft knife or scissors
A quote to copy onto canvas
Hairdryer to set and puff up paint to achieve the 3-D effect to further complete art work
Soft drying cloth

On a clean dry flat surface place wallpaper face side down.
Lay canvas on top of paper close to one edge.
Use the pencil to draw a straight line across top of canvas then cut away.
Fold paper in half long ways and then cut along folded mark.
Once finished you should have sufficient paper to now glue to one half of canvas leaving other side blank.
Use your pencil to write a verse, poem or quote, partially fill the blank portion of canvas.
Now use the 3-D puff paint to go over penciled lettering.
Lay work out flat and allow from 1 to 8 hours to completely dry. The air temperature will determine drying time.

To achieve puff effect: once dry hold hair dryer directly above paint on top side and watch as each set of letters rise and puff up. Magic!

Use a staple gun and wire to form a hanging fixture.

PS: Don't forget to sign your work when completed.
Make several to give away as gifts!

(Broadcast: 16 Feb 2012)