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Astar's Craft - Easy Floral painted pictures - 7 Jun

Easy floral painted pictures

If you are not into drawing, but would like to have a go at producing your own art work, then these pre-stretched plain canvases covered in embroidered fabric make being artistic very easy.

Things to gather -

Plain canvas blocks - (pre-stretched canvases) - in a size to suit.

Black and white floral embroidered fabric - available in the dress fabric dept at Spotlight.
- you will need enough to cover your canvas plus about a 7.5cm surplus border.

Selection of fabric paints - puff, relief, metallic and flat. 

Fine paint brushes

Staple gun, staples and wire for fixing

Water for cleaning brushes.

Method -

1. Remove plastic wrap from canvas.
2. Lay ironed fabric right side down on work surface.
3. Place canvas frame, right side down in middle of fabric.
4. Measure around and make a 7.5cm border.
5. Cut fabric.  If edges look like they will fray, machine zigzag to neaten.
6. Pull to stretch fabric very firmly over frame stapling to hold in place on wooden frame.

Note - the best method of fixing, thus ensuring fabric is evenly stretched is to pull up one side of fabric first.  Staple to hold this section in the middle.  Repeat on the opposite side.  Go to the next unstapled side and pull in middle firmly then staple, then repeat on the other side.  Go back to where you started, but his time come along about 2.5cm pull firmly, staple to hold.  Repeat process.  Working always on the opposite sides.

7.  Mitre each corner to neaten.

8.  Once fabric has been stretched it's time to paint and it's so easy.  Just think - 'paint by number', or colouring in&. You could completely paint all the flowers and leaves along with the background or simply highlight the odd leaf and flower in colours to enhance your décor. 

Fabric paints -

There is a large selection available on the market, but if you can't find what you are looking for water based acrylic paint can be used directly or if you want to permanently fix paint to a fabric surface, there is a product called 'Kaiser colour' - fabric fixative.  All you do is mix 1 part fixative to 2 parts paint.  Let dry, then iron. 

Puff paint is an interesting medium.  It is water based and is applied just like any paint, but once dry apply heat and it puffs up giving an almost flocked effect.

Semco dimensional paint is fully stretchable and great for raised or relief effects.  This to is heat set, but from the underside to make permanent.

For other interesting effects and textures use metallic and glitter paints.

Art today is all about the interplay of textures and colour and basically anything goes&

Have lots of fun with this project - Astar