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Astar's Craft: Dressed Bird Cage

With Astar

Creative gifts for Mothering Sunday &

Beautiful embellished ornamental cane bird cage - Having recently finished the love garden (or "roof garden") at our home, I can't tell you how wonderful it feels, after all those hours of hard work, to be in a position where I can play house and make special little 'visuals' to make it feel more like my place.

This bird cage is really inexpensive to make and takes a plain little cane bird cage to new levels with the enhancement of hanging crystals, flowers and a flick of paint if desired&


Small ornamental cane bird cages to find, go to places like up-market Chinese importers of furniture or Teak furniture shops. Mine cost around $20.00
Sparkly earrings, beads and baubles go to places like Christmas shops, flower and gift shops for the crystal garlands and drops, or at some of the cheap Chinese Emporiums you'll find ornaments which are perfect for this type of project.
Copper or metal wire and wire cutters from spotlight you'll also find 'o' rings + small jewellery pliers which make construction much easier.
For flowers - I used 2 stems of artificial orchids, but roses can look stunning as well.
And enough heavy silver wire chain for hanging to a drop length desired once cage is complete.


THIS is the hard part of this project & find a beginning point, mark it, then count all the little drop bamboo support stays, by this I mean the little pieces that run from the base to the top of cage.

Once you have the exact number divide this by the number of drop loops you want to suspend from just below the cage door, down beneath cage when finished.

It's a bit of a guess at the beginning but just keep with it, until it's sort of ok. I reckon for handicraft projects like this near enough is almost good enough, so don't be fussing if you find yourself out a bar or two&

Starting at the marked area, take little pieces of wire and loop to wind to fix to loop drops, picking up the next as you work your way around cage with crystal garlands.

Once finished you might like to add longer drops in clustered groups.

Cut almost the entire stem off your orchids, and then bend so that when fixed at top of cage they cascade down gracefully over top then side of cage. Use wire to fix flowers into place.


TIP: remember that the cage is fragile, so don't apply too much GRUNT as the little cane bars WILL break.