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Astar's Craft: Dressed and paint-finished mirror

With Astar

Dressed and paint-finished mirror... for a girl's bedroom

Things to gather
From Spotlight they have a great selection of unpainted wooden mirrors.  There are various shapes and sizes... just select something to suit.
Undercoat acrylic paint
Top coat paint for frame, and several other colours to tone and suit
Wooden cut out flowers, hearts, diamonds etc.  They come in various sizes.  Select that which you desire.
- paint brushes
Optional - self sticking embellishments
Look in the Scrapbook Section for self sticking butterflies, pearls etc.
Hot glue gun and glue sticks.
Spray vanish to protect work

Remove mirror from frame and carefully set aside, before -
Sanding to remove any rough edges, should it be necessary.
Undercoat wooden frame with acrylic undercoat paint and allow to dry.
Apply two layers of top coats allowing time for each coat to dry.
Under coat, then paint in a contrasting shade, flowers, stars and heart. And allow to dry.
Use the hot glue gun to fix stars, flowers and hearts in a pattern to suit, around frame.
Further embellish with rhinestone or self sticking stickers.
Over stray completed project with several coats of spray vanish to protect work.
Re-insert mirror into frame.

Hang and enjoy.

(Broadcast 19 Apr)