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Astar's Craft: How to Display Fresh Seasonal Hydrangeas

With Astar

How to Display Fresh Seasonal Hydrangeas

Things to gather
Small glass fish bowl - look for them at Spotlight
Small packet of marble crystal gel round balls - available from flower wholesalers. They come in a variety of colours - select a colour to match the hydrangea.
Fresh water + big bowl to soak gel balls
Fresh water for vase
Sharp snips
1 large head of blue hydrangeas

Soak gel balls in water overnight. The longer the balls are in water the bigger they will expand. Magic stuff!
When fully expanded, place them to come half way up fish bowl.
Cut hydrangea from stem to a length so that when it's inserted into the fish ball it rests like a fat dome on top of vase.
When finished mist with fresh water.
These look stunning in pairs and most attractive running down the length of a wedding or dining table.

(Broadcast: 6 Mar 2012)