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Astar's craft: Decorative wall plaque - 7 October

Handmade ceramic garden wall plaque

Further embellished with stamped letters to create a verse or quotes of your liking. Very cool and so what every garden needs in enhanced beautification.

"When will it ever end?!" Those were the words that fall out of the Engineers mouth when he discovered me, drill in hand boring yet another set of  holes into the block work to hang another piece of art work. I said, "For goodness' sake - it's all but finished inside and now I've moved outside."

These wall plaques are gorgeous and make for interesting reading when entertaining in the garden. I've made lots and found wonderful little quotes and philosophical sayings of the past which I've press printed or stamped on to the face of almost flat shaped tiles/plaques.

The base of the plates or plaques are constructed out of air-dry or ceramic oven-baked clay which can be purchased from Spotlight along with the stamps.

I used Darwi classic air-dry clay.

Things to gather
Pack of ceramic or air-dry clay - from Spotlight
Rolling pin
Baking paper
Stamp kits - from Spotlight or go free hand and use a sharp nail.
And if you are stuck for words or verses, look in odd books or journey through the internet
Porcelain paint or glass and tile paint
Spray can of polyurethane - required as protection from the elements
Galvanized wire for forming a small hanging hook

Step one

Once clay has been opened, work with your hands to soft.

Shape as desired, either round, oblong or square, with the aid of the rolling pin.

I found it easier working underneath a piece of baking paper.

Leave work for several hours before printing or scribing in words.

If using oven-bake clay, full instructions for baking can be found on the reverse of pack.

Step two

Form wire into a small loop, then press this a third of the distance from what will be the top of completed work.

Turn work over and with words in mind either stamp or hand scribe directly onto face of plaque.

Allow a good 24 hours to naturally dry.

Step three

Glaze coat face, with tile paint to suit or lime wash.

Mist with several coats of spray polyurethane to protect from the elements.

Several of these placed together makes for an interesting wall feature.