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Astar's craft - Christmas wreath and angel - 10 December

Artificial Christmas wreath

If you want a wreath but don't want to say CHRISTMAS, and have in mind something that could perhaps stay on the wall beyond Christmas, then try this very elegant artificial wreath dressed with artificial cream and green Queen Anne's Lace, a few mint green peony, and a few pale gold, cream and green baubles.

I love creams and greens together, so easy to live with. Cooling, refreshing and they go with any establish colourway.

Things to gather

  • Artificial pine and spruce based wreath in a size to suit.
  • Several stems each of artificial cream and green Queen Anne's lace, several cream/green open medium sized peony.
  • A few gold, silver and green baubles
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks


  • Open out the wreath branches to their fullest maximum size.
  • Cut all flowers to around 3" in length.
  • Visually section wreath into quarters.
  • Decide on a starting point, and then use this as your start/stop guide.
  • Start by gluing the cut Queen Anne's lace to the individual branches of wreath with equal distance between each placement.
  • Repeat with the peony.
  • Now fill in remaining spaces with clustered groupings of the baubles.

Christmas fairy

As requested by Maureen from Whakatane

My very dear friend Miss 'V' taught me how to make these wonderful Christmas fairies out of old Reader's Digest magazines many years ago.  They are such fun to make, wonderful projects  for the children and very cost effective when budget calls for frugal.

Things to gather

Old Reader's Digest magazines
White ping pong ball
Glue gun and sticks
Satay stick
1/4 Goldielocks pot scrub per fairy head
Gold or silver metallic spray paint
Gloves and a face mask

Method - to create body of fairy

  1. Go to the middle of the magazine and press open - flat.
  2. From this middle mark, take the top of the page and fold it back towards the spine of the magazine.  Press each folded page firmly. Continue folding until you reach the front cover.  Leave unfolded.
  3. Repeat above folding method with remaining pages, this time working folds in the opposite direction as you work towards back cover of magazine.  Leave this unfolded.
  4. Take a satay stick and glue this along the outside spine of magazine. This will give additional support to finished fairy.
  5. Apply several coats of spray paint to entire work.  Allow to dry completely between coats.  You will probably need 3 coats.

To form fairy wings - roll top right of front page back towards spine of magazine in form a tight cone or funnel shape. Use the stapler to hold in place.  Reverse roll to form right wing.

To form head of fairy - Hot glue ping pong ball to top of magazine spine

To make hair for fairy - divide Goldielocks pot scrub into fours.  Pull wire out a bit, then glue to top of ping pong ball.