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Astar's craft: Christmas embellishments

9 December 2010

How to look beyond gorgeous this Christmas day, all on the smell of an oily rag, with just a little assistance and know how.

Costume jewellery rings made into an exotic necklace

Things to gather
Take yourself off to your neighbourhood Chinese emporium or dollar shop and purchase a selection of faux gem stone 'glitzy' rings.
Then go off to Spotlight and purchase 1cm wide black braid - you will need enough to easily go around your neck and surplus for fixing to.
2 x O-rings the size of an old 1cent piece
Closing toggle and hook set
Smaller chain rings to fix toggle and hook
Black thread and needle or sewing machine

Cut braid to desired length and add several extra mm which will be used to thread over (through) O-ring - one for each end.
Turn this extra mm through O-ring then back on itself. Stitch to hold in place.
Repeat at the other end.
Fix one or two smaller chain rings through main O-ring then fix to toggle and hook closing mechanism.
Thread rings over prepared cord.
Wear with pride.

Dressing to impress

Take a simple black frock. If you are not into sewing then purchase or take yourself off to Spotlight and purchase a meter or two of black jersey knit fabric.
I used 'easy' McCall's pattern number 2401 as my pattern and it took less than an hour to make. I also trimmed sleeve and frock hem with narrow black lace just to tart it up a bit.
You will also need, once frock is made - or just get a plain firm fitting t-shirt.
A pack of coffee filter papers - the one's with the frilly edges
Sharp scissors
Masking tape
Black safety pins
Dental floss and sharp wide eye stitching needle

Fold coffee filters in half then in half again - to form a fluted triangle.
Cut off base - ( about 2 cm )
Take masking tape, lay sticky side up
Layer folded filter triangles on top of masking tape.
When you have sufficient length
Pin tape to the neck edge of your frock or around the hem

Might sound a bit, well, tacky, but I've been making these ruffled embellishments for years.

Silver metal angel for the top of a tree

My niece came to visit several weeks ago and asked if I knew how to make a metal angel. She briefly explained what she was after and this is what I came up with.

Things to gather
From Spotlight you can purchase silver metal cone trees, this will become the main body of the completed angel.
You will also need a white or silver over sized butterfly which will form the wings - if too small then buy silver or white tuelle, fabric backing or stiffening and make to extend the size of the wings. And in doing so you'll also need little jewels and glue to enhance the wings.
Silver wire, and beads or jewels or silver baubles to place around the base of the cone or body.
A cheap inexpensive doll with a lovely sweet face which will be removed from it's original body and reattached to the top of the completed angel.
You might also need a packet of white curly dolls hair
Sliver pipe cleans to make arms.

Around the top tip of tree position reaching out arms - joining to make secure at the back.
If the wings are the correct size, glue or wire into place on top of arms at the back. You might also need to remove the body of the butterfly so that it sits flat.
Remove the dolls head and if necessary glue the curly white locks into place, then glue to top of tree.
Glue to circle base of tree, with the small silver baubles.