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Astar's Craft: Chocolates for your sweetheart

Craft with Astar

Chocolates for your sweetheart

This project involves taking bars of chocolate (all the same size), removing the outer wrapper to just leave the foil, then rewrapping with Valentine-inspired paper. Each wrapper is further embellished and personalised with hearts, ribbons and perhaps love poems that will then be glued and mounted on to a canvas frame. Beyond fabulous!

Things to gather
Enough chocolate bars to cover
Pre-stretched canvas frame - from Spotlight
Selection of Valentine-inspired paper
Ribbons to match, along with buttons, stamps and cut-outs
Poems/verses to suit and further personalise for your love&
Hot glue gun and glue sticks
Sharp scissors
Double-sided tape

Remove the outer wrap from each of the chocolate bars to leave just the foil.
Use the discarded wrap as your template to cut Valentine paper to same size.
Use double-sided tape to hold paper in place.
Let your imagination flow as you add ribbons and other gatherings to further personalise each bar. 
Glue each dressed bar of chocolate to the face of the canvas frame&
How easy is that?  

Happy Valentine's Day, love from Astar!

(Broadcast: 14 Feb 2012)