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Astar's Craft: Apple Christmas Tree

With Astar

Apple Christmas Tree

Might sound a bit weird but these trees are stunning and make wonderful gifts. If you are clever and don't go overboard using Christmas colours or decorations, they also can be used year-round as decorations or for other events throughout the year.
I made one of these years ago and now use it to display and hang photographs. Perfect, as they don't take up much room and I don't have to suffer photographs all over the fridge!

Things to gather
Kaisercraft free-standing wooden apple tree - actually it looks nothing like an apple tree, just a plain tree with bare branches.
Acrylic paint and undercoat - in a colour/style to suit.  I used white because it goes with my décor.
Picture frames
Silver or gold chain to match frames
Hanging objects to fix and further embellish tree

Undercoat tree, then apply top coat paint to suit.
Allow to dry before embellishing as desired.
I drilled little holes into the top of each frame, then fixed chain before hanging off branches.

(Broadcast 4 December 2012)