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Astar's Craft: 3 Ways to Hand Paint and Decorate Fabric

With Astar

3 Ways to Hand Paint and Decorate Fabric

Block printing
Free hand and relief
Embossed designs

Onto a white table runner or cloth - using block printing
Onto a white apron - free hand stamping
Onto a white night shirt - embossing or raised puffed method

Things to gather
All materials can be purchased from Spotlight
For the block printed table runner or cloth to be printed -
Set a colour in a colour to suit - depending on size of project will govern required pots of paint. This paint formulated for fabric is opaque water based; colours can be mixed together but needs to be stirred well before using.  The colours are resistant to washing at 40c after 5 minutes fixing with an iron.

Paint brush
Flat paint tray
Clear Cling stamp and pad
Wash up with warm soapy water
Plastic to cover work surface

Or relief outline marker fabric pen
Dress makers marker pencil
+ plastic to protect work surface
+ flat working surface&

Note: Once image has been printed it must remain flat until dry.

Fabric needs to be washed, dried and ironed flat before printing begins
To ensure that there is no further shrinkage, I always dry  fabric in the clothes dryer on top heat
Hem all edges of fabric, by ironing over ½ cm then turning again before machine stitching.
Measure clear cling stamp pad, to ensure that once applied you have evenness of design along all sides etc
Give the coloured paint pot a good stir and shake.
Pour into a flat tray.
You can either dip stamp into colour or paint onto surface of stamp.
Have a wee practice on a scrap piece of fabric to get the feel of how much paint is required on the stamp before pressing down on top of fabric. 
Once stamp is thoroughly covered with paint, press to emboss pattern onto fabric.
When surface of fabric has been completed, leave overnight to completely dry before iron fixing to make image permanent.
You could also look at using potatoes as your method of printing images onto fabric.  Simply cut desired image away from potato, then dip into fabric paint before pressing down onto fabric.
Heat set with iron as per above instructions.
Alternatively - From really good Indian Emporium Shops you can find wooden block stamps.  These are great to work with and as long as paint is slightly watery you will achieve a great printed image.
The other method I like is to use embossing outlining pencils or tubes.  
Use a dressing making pencil to scribe or draw desired image.   Allow to dry, then hand paint within lines of scribed image.  Allow to dry then heat set with a hot iron.

(Broadcast 8 November 2012)