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Astar: Lotions and potions for banishing moths, weevils and ants

It’s that time of the year again when the rains come and with it the ants and moths move in.


I don’t want uninvited pests inside my house, and as much as I think I’m the cleanest and best housekeeper in the world, they come… and it’s open war.  They can go and live some place else!


Today I’ll share a couple of my great lotions and potions for eliminating them – naturally – using products you will probably have in the pantry.


Herbal moth repellent


It’s much better than moth balls, the smell is pleasant and moths hate it!


Ingredients –


½ cup whole cloves

½ cup whole black peppercorns

4 sticks whole cinnamon stick broken into small pieces

Small square of muslin or fine linen cloth

Ribbon for bending off




Mix all ingredients into a small bowl.


Place into middle of muslin or linen.  Tie off and hang in closets or where you have a moth problem.




Weevil be gone forever!


I know how clean my house is, and I am beyond sure the bugs actually come in to my place already in the products i.e. flour etc –


This is what I do … freeze to kill them!


I have a compartment in my freezer and everything in the dry goods line gets stored for a good week or so.


Simply wrap product like flours, meals grains in plastic freezer bags.  This kills the eggs this is where I put everything new coming in.


Ants away


A good ant stopper or deterrent is good old fashioned every day white vinegar.  Track down where the ants are coming into your home and liberally wash down all surfaces.


I put some into a spray bottle – at absolute full strength and spray down all entry points out side. Get right into bricks and concrete.


Ant traps


Ingredients –


¼ cup sugar

¼ cup baking yeast

¼ to ½ cup molasses

Couple of pieces of flat card – business card size

Pastry brush or similar




Mix all ingredients well in a small container.


Use the pastry brush to coat surface of one side of card.


Place cards sticky side up in areas where ants travel.