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Apple and Almond Tarte Fine

With Oliver Drayton

Apple and Almond Tarte Fine

Makes 4 portions
Preparation time 15 mins

125g of ground almonds
125g of caster sugar
125g of butter
1 vanilla pod (scraped)
30g standard flour
2 eggs
3 apples
Puff pastry

Roll out puff pastry cut out a 14 cm circle and dock with a fork all over, rest for 30 mins.
Put butter, sugar, almonds, flour and vanilla in a mixing bowl mix till you get a smooth paste
Add eggs and mix till it all comes together.
Spread the frangipane on the pastry, fan sliced apple all around the top brush with butter and sprinkle with caster sugar.
Cook at 180c for 15-20 mins

Vanilla Chantilly
250g cream
25g sugar
1 vanilla pod scraped

Mix all the ingredients together whip till thickened.

(Broadcast 16 August 2012)