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Alpine Salmon and Salted Scampi

With Ben Bayly

Alpine Salmon and Salted Scampi

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon
Flaky Sea Salt 
250ml Olive Oil
200g Chives
4 Slices of White Lard
4g Black Farmed French Caviar (optional)
Salmon Roe 
Seasoned Butter

Mt Cook Alpine Salmon 
Prep & portion salmon into, cure for 15min with flaky sea salt and then wash in ice water.
Pat dry on a clean white cloth
Cook salmon in oil at 42C for 15min

Blanch chives in boiling water for 2minutes, then refresh in ice water.
Shake out excess water from chives and place in a thermo mix blender.
Blend for 4 minutes on full to make a chive juice.
Pass the juice through a fine sieve and add salt to taste.
Place chive juice back in the blender and blend on medium.
Place in a squeeze bottle ready for service; keep in the fridge out of the light until needed.

Peel, prep & devein scampi.
Cure for 15min in salt, sear in a pan.

White Lard
Sliced finely & placed onto grease proof paper.
4 slices needed.

Rye bread
Use baked rye bread tuilé as garnish. Slice thinly and bake between two silpat mats with seasoned butter.

Plate up with salmon roe and caviar (optional).

(Broadcast: 11 July 2012)