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Martin Devlin: Tiger's swing gone for good


Published: 11:16AM Tuesday August 31, 2010 Source: ONE Sport

The following extract is part of the actual international media notification published, via Tiger Woods' personal website, on December 1, 2009. Consider, if you will, the thought process at the time, the reasoning behind the words, the degree that those involved relied on their advisers' comforting, professional expertise, the reassurance from that same management team that this was the right way, indeed the only way, to diffuse the situation and thus enable its obvious awkwardness to forever up and, conveniently, disappear.

Then, with the benefit of hindsight, place all that into the perspective that just hours later the whole world began learning the truth...

"My wife Elin saved my life. Her actions were heroic. After hearing the crash, she woke up, came running downstairs and smashed the back windows of our car with a golf club so she could then drag me to safety through those windows. The many false, unfounded and malicious rumours that are currently circulating about my family and our relationship are irresponsible and untrue".

How utterly stupid, disingenuous, and damaging have those statements since proved to be to the image and career of Tiger Woods?

From being regarded as the world's greatest living athlete, the man's spent the last year living life as a freakshow. Mercilessly mocked, the butt of many jokes, and a guy so deluded he thinks using a recording of his dead father's voice is both a great way to convince people he's cured (of so-called sex addiction) and encourage them to buy his name-branded new range of golf gear.

What a sad man.

Sure you've been able to play golf better than anyone else that's ever tried Tiger, but how much will that count when one day your kids ask you, ('cos it will happen), "Dad, why'd you lie so much? Why did you humiliate Mom like that in front of the whole world? Why use Grandpa's voice to pretend he was talking to you, when it was actually a clip of him talking about Grandma? And why, Dad, did you continue to listen to and take advice from a bunch of sycophantic bloodsuckers, whose over-riding interest in you was so clearly only to protect the fiscal nature of their own?"

So now he's divorced. The saga has its first full stop. We all move on - or do we? Even if Tiger does get his game back, why do (still) I get the feeling, his swing may've long since gone...