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Writer's blog: Season 3, episode 7

Kevin (Jay Ryan) and Amanda in Go Girls on TV2

by Kate McDermott

Have just finished watching Episode 7 of Go Girls with my family, and a bunch of people on Twitter. 

Chatting online with viewers while we're watching the show is an interesting experience, and not just because of the small gang of tweeps (including our own Esther Stephens aka @PolyEstherGirl aka Olivia Duff) currently lobbying for a full musical episode. 

(Actually, Go Girls The Musical has been raised in the story room before. I can't remember whether we were drinking at the time.)

Anyway, interacting with the viewers is fun.  It is the equivalent of us being privy to the audience yelling at the screen - in a good way mostly, but sometimes not - and we do try to take notice. 

In fact, the word 'twitter' has cropped up in a the Go Girls story room a fair bit recently, so thanks for keeping us aware of what you want and who you like and where you think things should go. 

Thanks to our friend @TV2Boy and others for the word 'Kelvia'.  We can see that the overwhelming response is that people want Kevin and Olivia to get together.  Are we going to give you what you want?  Not telling.

So, here are some of Episode 7's tweets.

@xCaron thinks 'Britta has a winning way with 80s knitwear' and @JussieCB would like to have Britta's fairy outfit.  Yes, that two-piece was special - as @Interiweir thought 'the hat was the cherry on top, super cute'.   You might be able to tell that our costume designer Sarah Voon has a lot of fun with Britta.  And when you put Britta next to Leo, they sometimes look like they've had a rumble in an op-shop - I mean that in a good way.  Oh, to @OracleX7, we're glad you think Leo is awesome, so do we!

Someone had a question about Fran McMann's line regarding childbirth "I didn't have any stitches. Britta had a small head".  No, it's not just you with the dirty mind @bookish_awkward, that line was intended to mean exactly what you took it to mean. 

But, speaking of dirty lines, someone else pointed out that 'Comparing a woman's waters breaking to Huka Falls sounds rather unfortunate when said out loud'.  This is true. We hadn't noticed it before.  Thank you for that, @MorganHopes.

@chrisphilpottnz reckons that 'Amanda is the hottest Christian I've ever seen'.  The character of Amanda came about in a funny way, actually.  She was never in the forward planning or the big series arcs. 

We always had Episode 7 down as the one where Brad would become a daddy, and where Britta and Brad might start to be heading down different paths.  But then as we were writing, Rachel Lang wondered what the heck Kevin's been doing about his quest lately, and we realised that the answer was: not a lot. We decided that we could afford to drop a small, three scene story in about Kevin going on a date. 

On Go Girls, we like to maintain a sense of shared history among the characters, so we decided that the date should be with someone Kevin knew from school.  If you can cast your mind back to Series 2, Episode 5, the school reunion, this is where Amanda first appears.  She's chatting to Kevin, telling him that she and her friends all had the biggest crushes on him when they were at school.

So, we had the girl - she's nice, she's pretty, she can play darts, she already knows the girls and she really likes Kev.  So, what was the catch?  We threw a few possibilities around, before Gavin came up with the perfect obstacle for Kev's baby quest, which is that Amanda is a Christian who doesn't believe in sex before marriage.  (Or, as Kevin puts it "she does have an imaginary friend" - glad you liked that @sarahchats). 

Suddenly, this little three scene story thread started to run away from us, and spill over into other episodes.  So, watch this space, because you haven't seen the last of Amanda - and we're guessing you'll all form some pretty strong opinions about her.  Be sure to let us know!





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