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Writer's blog: season 3, episode 1

Jay Ryan as Kevin and Robyn Paterson as Danni in Go Girls on TV2

by Gavin Strawhan and Rachel Lang 

Gavin: Okay, so it's another year later already and a new series of Go Girls.   Our guys are another year older and we hope a little bit wiser.  At the end of last series, Cody already had her quest (to look after her family) and Amy had gone off with her German Prince, Hans,to help with his good works.  Britta and Brad were together, having found true love in each other.  And Kevin had realised too late that perhaps he should have tried harder to make Olivia stay but instead she had gone to New York to pursue her career. 

And so, on to episode one of Series 3... 

Hard to believe, but Kevin turns thirty this year.  But more importantly, we introduce a new guest character in Episode one and I know you all want to know more about her.  No, I'm not talking about the gorgeous Robyn Paterson, although she is wonderful as Danni, Kevin's brief but intense 'Ms Right'.  Even if she did turn out wrong.  No, I mean the other guest.  She's beautiful, she's black, she's a little temperamental, but such a fantastic ride.  Of course I'm talking about the Matte Black Ducati 800 Monster that Danni rides. 

Rachel: Gavin, no.  You can't mention the motor bike!  Why would chicks, or even some guys, care about a motor bike?  Even if it is your motor bike - aka the Very Expensive Garden Ornament.

G: I'm sure you'll all be fascinated to know that it's a 2005 model, originally imported via the USA and, even though it's only the SR 2 (two valve) model, it has a lot of grunt down the bottom end.  And yes, she's all mine.  It's very strange; when I wrote the first draft of episode one and Danni rode into Kevin's life, it was on a Ducati 800 too! 

R:  Yes, and then you went out and bought one just like it.  Artistic inspiration - or did you just want to buy a bike? Hmmmm.

G: What a coincidence.  So of course I offered her up, with some trepidation it must be said to the production.  And they took excellent care of her.  Peter Burger (the Director of Episodes 1 and 2 and also of 8 and 9 further down the track) even sent me a photo of many strong people laying her down with padding for the 'Cody rides over the bike' scene - which I have to admit made me wince when I first saw it in the rough cut.  Wince from empathy I mean, such a beautiful bike, so cruelly treated.

R: But what about the stories for the series; our lovely characters?  The fact that season 3 is all about some bigger issues for our gals and Brad and Kevin?  Life and death - that kind of thing - along with the romance and the laughs.

G: I totally empathised with Danni wanting to punch out Cody, even if it was all in Kevin's imagination.  But I guess Cody was excused cos she was having such a hard time with her Mum. 

R: Finally, back to the story.

G: And it's all done with mirrors and the bike was fine.  Phew.  I know you're all as relieved as I am that no bikes were hurt in the making of this episode.   But there was a nasty incident after the shooting, but more of that later.  I thought Robyn did a fantastic job of looking like she knew how to ride a bike, even though all the actual riding was done by a stunt woman.  And I thought it was really cute the way Kevin got on the back - although there was a lovely scene of him working out where to put his hands that we had to drop for time because the episode ended up being a bit long. 

R: Yes, you can go on a bit sometimes.  (This blog being exhibit B).

G: So anyway, Kevin's story is all about him meeting a girl with a beautiful bike, er, I mean a beautiful girl with a bike who is a passionate free spirit.  And we thought it would be neat, after all this time, to turn things on their heads and instead of her being the nutbar, Kevin realises that it might very well be him.   As she tells him, she loves to ride her bike real fast... and why wouldn't she, when it's clearly such a lovely bike to ride.  It can be a bit jerky around the city and hard on the clutch hand, but once you get her onto a nice twisty bit of road and open up the throttle she is absolute magic...

R: Enough about the bike.  What Gav didn't say is that we talked long and hard about how to establish that Kevin wanted a kid.   We already knew this from season 2, but it's not the kind of thing Kevin would ever admit to - unless he was forced to.   We went all round the houses before deciding that love was the answer, and also it was nice to start the season with Kevin feeling upbeat for a change, even though his happiness could not last.  (It never does on television.) 

What also Gavin meant to say - except the bike got in the way - is that season 3 is our favourite so far and we shamelessly laugh and cry while watching it and our cast and crew really pull out the stops.   So tell your friends in case they missed that it's on, or don't know that it's moved to Tuesdays at 8.30pm .
And next week, episode 2 has one of our funniest scenes ever; and also one of my favourite scenes because of the standout performances from Jay and Esther as Kevin and Olivia.   But I'll blog more about that next week.  And I can promise there will be no mentions of Bikes. 

G: Because sadly, Danni has ridden off into the sunset on her (my) bike.  And when I finally got it back after several weeks - cos it wouldn't stop raining - it had a smashed speedo cover!  Costly to fix - she is Italian after all.  But you'll be relieved to know it was fixed and my Ducati is riding as sweetly as ever.

R:  All very relieved.  And ep 2 is a Ducati-free zone.

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