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Writer's blog: season 2, episode 9

By Kate McDermott

Episode 9, though officially titled 'Boys Behaving Badly' was unofficially called the Man-whores episode. After last week's conclusion, with Kevin and Brad realising that women give them the shits, and that it was time for change, we writers knew that we really had to send Kevin and Brad off in a new direction. And that bold new direction was man-whoring.

Having been well and truly stamped on by Kirby, Kevin realised it was time for him to treat chicks they way they've always treated him. And Brad, realising that Britta was never going to see him the way he wants her to, decided to make up for lost time and get out there and have some no-strings, casual fun.  Except it's not in Kevin and Brad's true natures to be heartless root-rats.  In fact, at a cast and crew screening of this episode, the opening sequence where the boys are strutting along the street on the prowl, had the entire room roaring with laughter. (As an aside, if you're wondering about that wonderful, sleazy song playing over this scene, it's 'Snake Charmer' by Pluto - once we had tried the opening with that song, we knew it was the ONLY one that would do.)

One of the biggest shocks in this episode was Kevin ending up with ... gasp! - the Witch. That one surprised even us and I can clearly remember how it came about. Seemingly out of the blue, our storyliner Jodie Molloy said "you know, I can imagine Kevin having hot hate-sex with Angelina."  What?! How? Why? Well, exactly. That's what Kevin ends up asking himself when he wakes up with a mother of a hangover and a witch in his bed.

We've always loved writing Angelina, and in this episode she was particularly fun. I know I'm probably not meant to, but I did find myself cheering for her a bit at the moment she walked out of Kevin's bedroom in front of Brad. Because although Angelina is a Witch (according to Britta) she has her reasons for being so bitter. Brad didn't exactly treat her well, and yes, sure, maybe that was her own fault for marrying him when she knew in her heart he loved someone else (cast your minds alllll the way back to Episode 1, Series 1 - Angelina asks "do you love me?", Brad hesitates before replying very uncertainly "I think so" to which Angelina says "I can work with that" - or something like that). Anyway, I like Angelina and at times I feel sorry for her. Being a Witch must be very lonely.

One of my other favourite parts of this episode was Cody's big break-up with Ben Maddox. In the end, she couldn't resist and ended up sleeping with Ben.  This may have been inevitable, but it was the subject of much discussion at the story table.  Originally, we had thought that Cody would give in to temptation and sleep with Ben at the end of episode 7. In fact, I think we even started to storyline it as such, but then Gavin had a moment and turned up saying no, no, no, she shouldn't. I am very grateful to Gavin for this because it meant that when watching ep 7 with my husband and he said towards the end "oh, predictable, she's going to bonk him."  I could say "actually, no, you are wrong, we are much cleverer than that". Ahem. Well, Gavin is, anyway. 

So, we shifted the 'Cody sleeps with Ben' story beat into episode 8, which Gavin was writing the script for and I was to deal with the aftermath in script 9. But then Gavin turned up at work and said that he just couldn't get there in episode 8, it wasn't working for him.  And he was right again. 

And so, Cody and Ben finally did the deed in episode 9 which worked so much better, because with only one day until Eli returned, they had behaved themselves and managed to have a platonic relationship. Episode 9 could then start with them congratulating themselves on being so good - before they undid all the good and fell into bed with each other.  It was so much better this way because over three episodes we drew out the tension to the point where our lovely network executive Kathleen Anderson admitted to yelling at the screen in episode 8: don't do it, Cody! Don't do it!   Which was interesting because watching that same scene, Rachel and I were going "awww, we love Mr Maddox".  I guess opinion is always going to be divided. Ben or Eli? Who should she choose? Well, she's made her choice now.

Yes, we decided that after everything they've been through, Cody loves Eli. Ben may have been her first love, but things have changed. That scene on the beach where Cody tells Ben it's over and he gets angry and upset, is a favourite moment of mine, as we get to see a different side to Ben. He's always been the nice guy, but when he tells her she can't treat people like this, it really rocks her and the consequences of what she's been doing become clear to her.

But like I said, Cody has made her choice.  The question now is, will she get away with cheating on Eli?  And as for Britta ending up with Joseph aka the Player ... well, I could go on for ages.  But, I've run out of room so, you'd better keep watching ...