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Writer's blog: season 2, episode 8

By Gavin Strawhan

I thought this was a pretty good episode; very nicely directed by the lovely, talented and slightly Amazonian Britta Johnson who always manages to add that little bit more of comedy or drama, without taking her eye off the story ball. 

When we were storylining, I think the image of Kevin trapped under the bed with his girlfriend rooting her husband above, captured our interest quite early on. It seemed a great way to set up the state of their relationship and capture a truth about the downside of affairs. 

It's kind of a satisfying shape to have Kevin's story start there and then end where it does. 

And this is the episode where Brad (although he denies it) realises that he LIKES Britta. But she unwittingly spurns him. 

But anyway, on to the VERY IMPORTANT and EXCLUSIVE reveal of this blog which is: the complete and unabridged content of Britta's list of the attributes of her ideal man.


Compatible star sign to Saggitarius - Aries, Aquarius or Leo.
Dark hair,
Brown eyes
Sense of humour
Likes animals - both real and imaginary
Is willing to sing in public
Not unwilling to wear black or dark blue nail polish.
Loves musicals, eg Annie, Les Miserables, Grease, Cats.
Is not unemployed, preferably Professional.
Not a drug addict
Definitely not a root rat and not on the radio like Marco
Loyal, sensitive
Like soppy movies.
And also Kung Fu movies

The End.

Read carefully, it will become important later on in the series.

But on to episode nine which is a corker, in which Brad and Kevin try to make good their vow to be bad, very bad...